When Our Little Town Shut Down


‘Twas the 6th of December and all through the town,
People were dancing joyfully as white stuff fell down.

Projected to come was four to eight feet
Of fluffy eye candy you could almost eat.

First, little specks, then big cotton balls!
It covered the land in no time at all.

Mothers quickly burrowed through bins of snow gear,
As children anxiously awaited the snow they’d cohere.

A day of to-do lists, errands and chores
Quickly transformed into playtime galore!

With school being cancelled, we had the whole day
To run, dig, build, sip, bake, snuggle and play!

The oldest bursts in exclaiming, “We must capture this now!
The detail of this one perfect snowflake, oh wow!”

A glorious day on the farm, indeed.
Like entering upon a kid’s blissful dream.



Saturday and Sunday brought more of the same,
Cocoa and coloring, snow forts, cookies and games.

Sleeping in, Christmas movies, waffles and soup.
From a most busy season, a chance to rest we recouped.

For some who found it hard to sit down,
The choice wasn’t theirs, but the driveway’s they couldn’t get down.

The light, delicate snow that had delighted all on Friday,
Was frozen solid, making it unsafe to drive on the highway.

So much more than school was suddenly cancelled.
Practices, scrimmages, concerts, church and most plans to travel.

Restaurants, small businesses, church buildings and streets
Were unusually quiet, as our ghostly town fell to sleep.

But, the luxury of rest some souls just couldn’t afford.
They had to get to work, find daycare, or just simply got bored.

bball snow

For some who ventured out, braving slippery streets,
A great, giant ditch in their car they did meet.

Accidents, spin-outs, sirens and lights
Sprinkled our town, causing worry and fright.

Frozen pipes made for no water for unfortunate ones,
Including us, but to Grammy’s house we could run!

Never before had a bath felt so first-class.
Why is it things magnify more appealing, just out of our grasp?

Monday and Tuesday, five days in all,
Many things were cancelled, they continued to make the call.

Some were ecstatic, I’m looking at three of them now.
However, some ranted and screamed, “Ridiculous! Why can’t this town own a snow plow?”

kids snow

blog pic

As for me, I sit here with Java in hand.
Reminded of how God has a plan.

We hustle and toil, we contrive and we burn,
Thinking, “It’s all figured out, I’ve got nothing to learn.”

But then nature’s flurry knocks hard, so we stop in our tracks,
Forced to sit in silence, faced with the facts.

We are not in control, not as much as we thought.
A glorious plan the Creator of the universe did wrought.

A plan for the land, the animals, the sea,
And there’s a plan, most importantly, for you and for me!

You can count on it to be good, steadfast and true.
It simply requires a willing heart from you.

With a heart bursting wide-willing I come,
May my heart beat love, hope and faith like a drum!

I will wait with joyful expectancy,
To see what the world does with this child for whom there was no vacancy.

The child, a Savior, the pinnacle of God’s plan,
To gather His people to His loving, gentle hand.

Whether we scurry about with our calendars full,
Whether we’re on vacation and out of school,

Whether we’re up at dawn or sleeping still,
Whether it’s sweltering hot, or if there’s a chill,

May we trust in God’s plan throughout every single day,
Knowing His purpose is ours if we’ll stay,

In the grip of His Grace, in the presence of His face.


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